Pumping More Oxygen with Advanced Nutrients Into Your Hydroponic Garden

Hidden away in your nutrients reservoir and root zone are important things you don’t hear about very often, and that you can’t usually see with the naked eye. Because Rosebud is all about you getting the most pleasure and profits from your hydroponics endeavors, you’ll come back to our website and magazine frequently and always find new and useful information that further your goals. Helpful information about the hidden world of hydroponics root zones is part of what you’ll find right here right now.

So first let’s talk about oxygen for your hydroponic gardening. Your plants intake oxygen via leaves and roots. C02 enrichment is a way to send a higher than average amount of oxygen (and carbon) into your plants via their leaves.C02 enrichment, combined with the right conditions and adequate nutrition, can give you faster-growing plants that produce higher yields, but C02 equipment can be costly and some C02 equipment adds heat and humidity to your hydroponic garden.

Few growers pay much attention to oxygen that enters plants through roots. But you can definitely get better growth and yields by providing an oxygen-rich environment for your roots and in your nutrient solution.One way you do this is by using a properly-aerated, adequately porous root zone media that has enough micro-spaces in it to hold enough oxygen, and to release oxygen, so your roots can intake adequate oxygen to fuel plant growth and floral formation.There are various types of root zone media (synthetic or organic) that are proven to work well for your plants as regards their ability to hold and release oxygen. These include rockwool, coco coir, sphagnum moss, hydroton, and other substances.

Each of these hydroponic materials has its own advantages and disadvantages that you’ll discover if you work with them and monitor their effects on plant growth, as well as their ease of use.It’s sufficient to say that if you properly water the types of root zone media that work best in hydroponics, rather than overwatering, and if you have a biologically healthy root zone, your hydroponic plants will have an easier time sourcing oxygen via their roots.